Não-Me-Toque, the host of Expodireto Cotrijal, is located in the region of Planalto Médio in Rio Grande do Sul, in the micro-region of Alto Jacuí, in a distance of 300 kilometers of the capital Porto Alegre, with a population of about 17.185 people.

The National Capital of Precision Agriculture - Concerning the economy, the town stands out for the agricultural implements industries, for the substantial grain production and for the diversity in the agribusiness.

The town was already known as the "Capital of Mechanized Agriculture", a title achieved during the decades of 1950 and 1960, when the big agriculture enterprises have begun, which made this activity the biggest economic potential of the region.

After the year 2000, a project of integration between the plantations and the agricultural machinery was initiated, validating the technology of precision agriculture, and in 2009 Não-Me-Toque achieved the title of "National Capital of Precision Agriculture".

Colonization - Besides agriculture, the town also has diversified commerce. The town has a cultural side highly influenced by European descendants, with cultural options enriched by folkloric manifestations of the cultural associations and ethnic groups, composed by Dutch, Italians, Germans, Afro-Brazilians and by the Traditionalism of Rio Grande do Sul.

With a vast presence of trees and several flower types, the town became known as the "Garden of Alto Jacuí".

The name - In 1954 Não-Me-Toque was created and its name arouses curiosity. One of the versions of its origin is a plant known as "Sucará" or "Espinho de Santo Antônio" (Saint Anthony?s thorn), commonly known as "não-me-toque". Another version is the existence of Não-Me-Toque?s Farm.

How to get there ? Não-Me-Toque is located in the region of Planalto Médio in Rio Grande do Sul, in the geographic center of an important agroindustry region, presenting an elevated technological level in the primary production.

The region also presents a progressive industry of agricultural machinery and implements, mainly directed to the process of direct seeding, which is used in all Brazil and abroad.

Address: RS-142, Km 24, Centro, Não-Me-toque - RS, CEP: 99470-000

Tourist information

Fone/Fax: (054) 3332.33177 / (054) 3332-4082

Email: turismo@nao-me-toque.rs.gov.br

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