The Expodireto Cotrijal 2004, which occurred from 15th to 19th of March, had an amount of business of R$ 230 million and public of 140.200 people, results considered satisfying. “In the opening of Expodireto, we had a projection of business in the amount of R$ 250 million. We did not reach the prevision in financial terms, the result is equivalent to 2003, possibly because of the climatic problems, but for us the result was gratifying and to the exhibitors as well”. The public, which in 2003 was of 122.850 people, increased in 2004 to 14,12%. The investments of Cotrijal in the Expodireto, in 2004, were of R$ 2,5 million.

Other indicators point to the development. The area of 78 hectares was expanded to 84 hectares; the number of exhibitors passed of 232 to 262; the number of collaborators which worked in the event, which was of 717 in 2003, reached 762 in 2004. It was registered a number 33% superior of buses bringing visitors and 5% more of cars. 24% more soda cans were consumed (145 thousand cans, in opposition to 117.000 in the last year) and 36% more mineral water cans (43.000 this year and 31.658 in 2003). Besides, showing that the weather was sunny and hot, were distributed in the stands 16 tons of ice.

With the improvements in the park, the number of emergency cares was reduced from 11 to 6 this year (-45%). The medical cares were reduced from 952 to 713 (-25%). There was no accident, while in the last year there were 9. The “delight indicator” – which indicates the satisfaction of the visitors – reached 92,94%, a little higher than the 92,87% of 2003. Items as the cleaning and the park maintenance, Space of Nature Cotrijal and the evaluation of Expodireto received 100% of satisfaction. The average of public satisfaction was of 99,54%. Other items which received scores near 100% were the restrooms, the restaurant and the dynamic of machinery.

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