The Expodireto Cotrijal 2006 received 120.800 visitors and registered R$ 50 million in business. According to the president of Cotrijal and of the fair, Nei César Mânica, although the expectation of public was not reached, 150 thousand, the rural producers who visited the Expodireto Cotrijal 2006 showed much more professionalism, looking for information that could really help them always improve the results in their properties.

Another positive aspect commented by Mânica was the level of public satisfaction with the fair: 96,68%. “We improved in the items indicated by the visitors last year, as the sidewalks and areas to be protected from the sun, and, fortunately, even with the difficult situation of the agriculture in the current moment, our fair kept its success and once again, during the five days, it was the center of the Brazilian agribusiness”, he said.

Among the events which were highlighted during the fair was the 17th Soybean National Forum, the 3rd Camping of the Young Cooperativist, the 2nd State Dairy Forum, the Seminar of Pig Farming, the 2nd Seminar Band Cotrijal and the 2nd Seminar about New Approaches for the Agribusiness.

Other interesting numbers:

Exhibitors – 292;

Lunches – 31.002;

Cars – 20.050;

Buses – 718;

Sodas – 114.100 cans;

Mineral Water – 52.800 liters;

Ice – 10,4 tons;

Emergency care / ambulance – 14;

Medical care and nursing – 468;

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