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Besides fascinating for the beauty and organization, the Expodireto Cotrijal 2010, which occurred from 15th to 19th of March, in Não-Me-Toque, showed why agribusiness is currently arising in Brazil as one of the most promising sectors of the economy. People who visited the fair during these five days could find information, technologies, and equipment for all the sizes and profiles of rural producers, and still could participate of debates and political routings which were necessary for continuous development of the sector.

When doing an evaluation of the event, the president of Expodireto Cotrijal, Nei César Mânica, said that he was surprised with the numbers, in relation to the public, which exceeded 168 thousand people, as well as with the amount of business, of R$ 512.326 million, result of ample and facilitated credit lines offered to the rural producers and also of the business in the international pavilion of the fair, which were 260% above the registered in the previous edition. At the end of 2009, all stands were already commercialized, which generated the expectation that this would be the biggest fair of history. And this fact was confirmed by the numbers presented which overcame the edition of 2009.

What the president also appointed as an indicative of the strength of Expodireto Cotrijal was the presence of important authorities, as the governor of the state, Yeda Crusius, the minister of Agriculture and Supply, Reinhold Stephanes, the president of the Legislative Assembly of RS, Giovani Cherini, federal and state deputies, mayors, city councilors, and leaders of the agribusiness.

The visitors of Expodireto Cotrijal 2010 found a park with improved infrastructure, for example, the asphalting of the access area of the producers and the construction, inside the main plan of the park, of a Pavilion for the Ocergs/Sescoop-RS which can be used during the year for other events.

The 84 hectares of the park were distributed for the exposition of the machinery, plant production, animal production, space of the rural family and environmental area, with the participation of companies, research organs, and universities.

In this 11th edition occurred the 1st Family Farming Forum organized by Emater, as well as the Soybean National Forum, National Corn Forum, State Forum of Dairy, Seminar of Pig Farming and forums in partnership with other organizations.

The international area was strengthened by the presence of negotiators of China, Poland, Germany, United States, France, Portugal, as well as the neighbors from Mercosul, in a total of 60 countries. These delegations came to see what the fair has to offer, but also to bring information about technology. From this year Cotrijal will also be present with an institutional stand in fairs of other countries, where will be announcing the Expodireto Cotrijal.
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