The Expodireto Cotrijal 2012 – This International Fair, which occurred from 5th to 9th of March, in Não-me-Toque/RS, was confirmed as one of the largest and more important of the agribusiness. Being a stage for relevant debates involving topics such as agricultural insurance and irrigation, it also showed to the rural producers that the union of the efforts is capable of overcoming crisis and difficult moments, as the one lived by Rio Grande do Sul at the beginning of 2012, caused by the crop failure provoked by the period of drought, reaffirming the strength of the field.

With a public of 185,5 thousand people, 15% superior to the last year, and a record of sales from the exhibitors of R$ 1,106 billion, the edition of 2012 will be remembered for its overcome. In the evaluation of the president of the Cotrijal and the fair, Nei César Mânica, the main success factors were the maturity of the rural producer of looking for technological alternatives to escape of a climatic dependence and the anticipation of the event. “We changed the dates of the fair from the second to the first week of March, because of the soybean harvest, and we believe that this helped us a lot”, he said.

The positive feedback coming from the commercialization surprised all. According to Mânica, there was a great expectation involving the amount of business. Although he did not expect to overcome the amount of R$ 1,040 billion commercialized in the previous year, he believed in good business opportunities because the rural producers were capitalized and the companies were prepared with attractive prices.

One of the highlights was the international area. With participation of 71 countries, 105 importers and an amount of business of R$ 102,04 million, 580,27% superior to the last year, the space showed that the eyes of the world are turned to the agriculture of Rio Grande do Sul. More than 20 foreign journalists and several groups visited stands, closed deals and helped in making the fair a success.

With 468 exhibitors, in the areas of machinery and equipment, plant and animal production, pavilions, press, family agroindustry, international and central, the fair presented what there is of the most modern in terms of technology and innovations for the most diversified activities in the field. To cover all the exhibitors, the international area and the area of machinery and equipment were amplified in 11 hectares, in the place where used to be the exhibitors parking.

Satisfied with the results of the fair, the exhibitors confirmed the construction of fixed settlements in the park. The bank Sicredi has inaugurated his place already this year and the Bank of Brazil and the bank Banrisul has announced the construction for the next fair. Also, in the event this year it was launched the basic stone of the construction of the Center of Professional Training of Senar, a building of three floors, which will have a schedule for all the year.


Presence of authorities – the 13th edition of the fair was highly appreciated by federal, state and regional authorities. The Agriculture, Livestock and Agribusiness minister, Mendes Ribeiro Filho, participated in activities in the park on March 5th. In this day were also present in the event the president of the Chamber of Deputies, Marcos Maia; the interim governor of Rio Grande do Sul, Beto Grill; the president of the Legislative Assembly of RS, Alexandre Postal; the Polish federal deputy Wladyslaw Serafin, representing the European Parliament; the state secretary of Agriculture, Livestock and Agribusiness, Luiz Fernando Mainardi; the state secretary of Rural Development, Fishing and Cooperative, Ivar Pavan; the state secretary of Development and Investment Promotion, Mauro Knijnik; the Justice General Attorney, Eduardo de Lima; the president of Fetag, Elton Weber; the president of Farsul, Carlos Sperotto; among other authorities.

Events – Besides the traditional events, such as the 23rd Soybean National Forum, the 4th National Corn Forum, the 8th State Forum of Dairy, the 5th Forest Forum of Rio Grande do Sul, the Pioneer of Ideas Forum, the Rural Channel Forum and the 3rd Seminar of Family Agro-industry, some new events marked this 13th edition of the Expodireto Cotrijal: the 1st Agro Energy Symposium; the Young Cooperative Forum; a joint meeting of the Agriculture Commission of the Federal Senate, of the Chamber of Deputies and the Legislative Assembly of Rio Grande do Sul to discuss the agricultural insurance.

Space of the Rural Family – Developed in a partnership with Emater/RS-Ascar, it presented, on two hectares, alternatives for the diversification of the rural property and the improvement of the life quality and rent of the families. In the Thematic Space, the electric energy cooperatives were highlighted, remembering the history of Coprel. And in the Family Farming Pavilion, which in this year opened space for 81 family agroindustry, 50 handicraft producers and 15 producers of flowers and foliage, the exhibitors celebrated the rise of 5% in the sales in comparison to the previous year, reaching an amount of R$ 440.175,00.

Space of Nature – In this place were exposed the treasures and curiosities of nature, through a partnership between Cotrijal and the Zoo and Botanical Museum Augusto Ruschi (Institute of Biological Sciences from University of Passo Fundo). The purpose of the space organizers was to touch the visitors to become aware of the regional biodiversity and interact with them, providing the knowledge exchange about nature. The work was divided into exposition and theatrical presentation.
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