The good phase of the agribusiness, especially concerning grain production, had a great impact in Expodireto Cotrijal 2013. In its 14th edition, it overcame the biggest fair of the country in the number of visitors. In five days, from 4th to 8th of March, 223.400 people visited the park in its 84 hectares, 20% more than the previous year. The business negotiated by the 481 exhibitors had an increase even more meaningful: 128% superior to 2012, reaching R$ 2,5 billion.

The largest raise in sales occurred through the company banks, who negotiated R$ 430 million in business, a total 205% more than in the last year. The bank institutions present in the fair, which brought a great volume of resources to the rural producers, financed R$ 1,7 billion, a number 122% superior in comparison to 2012.

The International Pavilion also registered great evolution on sales. The business rounds, which occurred this year directly in the stands of the exhibitors, resulted in a rise of 132% in comparison to last year, with a total of R$ 237 million (R$ 80 million only of rice). Seventy-four foreign delegations participated in the 14th edition of Expodireto Cotrijal with an interest in common: to import food products and agricultural machines of good quality. Spain, Nigeria, and Ghana, for example, already have business with Rio Grande do Sul and, in the fair, they found opportunities for gathering with many suppliers of these products. Besides, it also provides the exchange of knowledge and experiences.


Presence of authorities – For the first time in its history, the Expodireto Cotrijal received the visit of two ministers. The minister of the Agrarian Development, Pepe Vargas, which still did not know personally the fair, was impressed. “The fair brings technology to the field, brings knowledge and keeps the movement in the economy”, he said. The Agriculture Minister, as in other years, kept a stand in the fair and was represented by the minister Mendes Ribeiro Filho and by the secretary of Agriculture Politics, Neri Geller. The State government participated actively in several activities from the schedule. It can be highlighted the 24th Internalization of the State government, directed by the governor Tarso Genro, with the participation of the group of secretaries and representatives of other organs, on July 4th. The Senate and Chamber of Deputies were also represented in the fair.

Events For the second consecutive year, the Expodireto Cotrijal hosted the Agriculture Commission of the Senate. In 2013, the objective was to evaluate and debate the role of logistics in the development of Brazilian agricultural production. The chaotic situation of the logistics in the outlet of the production was also the focus in traditional events of the fair, such as in the 24th Soybean National Forum and the 5th National Corn Forum. Cotrijal also hosted in the fair, for the second time, the Young Cooperative Forum, this time involving just young people related to the cooperative company Cotrijal, in its 14 towns in the operation area of Cotrijal, which debated the succession in the property. The fair also kept other traditional events, such as the 9th State Forum of Dairy, the 6th Forest Forum of Rio Grande do Sul, the Pioneer of Ideas Forum, the Rural Channel Forum and the 4th Seminar of Family Agroindustry. The fair also hosted the 24th Internalization of the State Government and the public audience of the Agriculture Commission from the Chamber of Deputies to discuss the process of indigenous land delimitation.

Space of the Rural Family – Developed in a partnership with Emater/RS-Ascar, it presented in this year, as the central topic, “Family succession and agroindustry”, which was divided into eight parts. In the Didactic Kitchen of the Rural Family House, the extensionists worked with the potato reuse, which was also the main topic in the horticulture sector. In the Bioactive Plants Garden, the plants focused were the ones validated by the National Sanitary Surveillance System (in Portuguese: ANVISA), besides the production of the bioactive plants for commercial purposes, with the presence of three families from Passo Fundo, who realize this production. The Thematic Space, which traditionally attracts the attention of the visitors, presented this year the theme “(Re)Encounter: the human being and the nature”, showing the interdependency relations which occur in the environment, between the human being, the culture and the nature – in a partnership with the Ecological Group Sentinels of the Pampas (in Portuguese: GESP), from Passo Fundo, the University of Passo Fundo (UPF), the 3rd Environment Battalion of the Military Police and the companies Nucleocom Intelligence in Communication and Gardem Natural Vale. And in the Family Farming Pavilion, the 150 exhibitors commercialized more than in 2012: R$ 650 thousand was the result (a rise of 48% in the sales).

Space of Nature – The word sustainability was present in the 14th Expodireto Cotrijal. The Space of Nature presented information about two renewable energies, Aeolic and photovoltaic. The main objective was of creating the awareness that there are renewable energies available for everyone, in the technical and economic point of view. And the visitors could see the practical operation, through photovoltaic panels installed in the Environment House and two aerogenerators next to the Thematic Space (a system called Eolic Turbines). There was also a presentation of videos and the possibility of checking the production through monitoring systems and the presence of instructors for explanations. The topic was still debated through a stage play, presented during the five days of the fair.

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