The optimism prevailed during the 16th Expodireto Cotrijal, which occurred during 9th to 13th of March, in Não-Me-Toque. People who visited the fair to do business found good opportunities. People who searched for technologic innovations and information were also satisfied. In line with its goals, one more time the Expodireto Cotrijal gathered what is best in solutions and services for agriculture and livestock. And this fact can be proved by more than 230 thousand visitors from 77 different countries.

Representing the several sectors of agribusiness, the 530 exhibitors reunited in the 84 hectares of the park showed why Brazil is one of the few countries capable of supplying the demand for grains and products of animal origin.

Different from the euphoria of the last two years, the predominant feeling during Expodireto 2015 was the caution in the moment of doing business. In the total, the financial offers registered during the fair this year reached R$ 2,182 billion. The Family Farming Pavilion was a success with a rise of 5% in business, with a total of R$ 854 thousand.

Considering the difficult economic scenario in Brazil, with inflation and high-interest rates, credit reduction and the dollar raise, the results were considered positive by the sector. “We had a fair with satisfied exhibitors and producers focusing on taking opportunities”, said the president of Cotrijal, Nei César Mânica.

The announcement of the minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply, Kátia Abreu, of a special credit to the rural producers, may have also induced to the search for financing during the fair. At least that was the feeling among the exhibitors and the financial institutions, according to Mânica. Visiting the Expodireto park, on March 9th, the minister guaranteed R$ 1,5 billion to the financing of agricultural machinery, through the Program of Modernization of the Fleet of Agricultural Tractors and Associated Implements and Harvesters (in Portuguese: Moderfrota) – a funding line of BNDES -, with an interest rate of 4,5%. And already on the Thursday of the same week (March 12th), still during the event, the minister released an amount of R$ 1,8 billion, this time, with annual interest rates of 7,5%.

Kátia Abreu talked about her joy and satisfaction of coming to the State to participate in Expodireto Cotrijal. “It is the least that the Brazilian government can do for this big event built by the private initiative, with all their partnerships”, she said. She liked the event so much that she extended her schedule for further than planned.

The governor of Rio Grande do Sul, José Ivo Sartori, also visited the fair. With a speech focused on his mandate policy, he declared that in the Expodireto it is possible to see the state of Rio Grande do Sul as “a society that fights, advances, becomes united, cooperate and that works”. “We are in the land of agribusiness. I also come here, with the government team, to collect examples”, he said.

Among other visitors which passed through the park of Expodireto Cotrijal 2015, was the vice-governor of Rio Grande do Sul, José Paulo Dorneles Cairoli, federal and state secretaries, senators, federal and state assemblymen, as well as leaders of agribusiness and cooperatives.

Seventy countries were represented in the fair, which for the first time received visitors from Malaysia, Belarus, Ireland, Mauritania, and Myanmar. The biggest groups were from Germany, Nigeria, Angola, and Iran.


Events – For the fourth consecutive year, the Expodireto Cotrijal hosted the public audience of the Agriculture and Land Reform Commission of the Senate. In 2015, a topic concerning the great majority of rural producers was extensively debated: the license plates of tractors. And one more time, showing the political strength of the fair, less than 20 days after the public audience, the rural producers celebrated the happy ending of the polemic situation, which was being discussed for two years.

Other highlights from the event were the 26th Soybean National Forum, the 7th National Corn Forum, the 11th State Forum of Dairy, the 8th Forest Forum of Rio Grande do Sul, the 6th Seminar of Family Agroindustry, the 4th Agro-energy Forum, Soybean Brazil Forum, and the Young Cooperative International Forum.

Space of the Rural Family – Developed in a partnership with Emater/RS-Ascar, it presents innovations and solutions to some of the main difficulties to the productive and social development of Rio Grande do Sul. They consist of projects, programs, and technologies related to the energy production, grain supply and to the food production and agro-industrialization for the supply of rural families and to the sale on commercial scale.

In 2015, the institution contemplated the topic of the importance of sustainability, highlighting actions which do not let go of productivity, but which also consider economic, social and environmental aspects. In nine parts, it showed projects, programs, techniques, and technologies related to the energy production, grain supply, food production and agro-industrialization for the supply of rural families and to the sale in commercial scale.

The Pavilion of Family Farming is one of the spaces which have gained importance, through the partnership with Emater/RS-Ascar, for providing value addition and rent to the properties of the families. In this year, the 172 exhibitors – agroindustry, handicraft and flower producers – reached a total of R$ 854 thousand in business during the five days of the event, an amount which was 5% superior to 2014.

Space of Nature – With a special and privileged schedule, through the partnership with the National Service of Rural Learning of Rio Grande do Sul (in Portuguese: Senar/RS), a great number of people visited the Space of Nature Cotrijal in 2015. One of the highlights was the orientation to the visitors on how to make the Rural Environmental Registration (in Portuguese: CAR), through seminars on the upper floor of the Environment House.

Another activity which attracted attention was the Recycling Workshop developed by Senar on the ground floor of the Environment House. Professionals of the organization taught the visitors how to reuse PET bottles, glass, fabrics, diversified packages, as well as peel and seed, to create different objects.

And the Nature Amphitheater hosted the Rural BBB 2015. The stage play, called “Cotrijal Environment, a rural contest”, provoked laughs in the public. The objective was to make people aware of the important actions to take care of the environment, such as avoiding water waste, doing the selective waste collection in the right way, adopting recommended cares of the technical assistance in the application of agrochemicals and being informed about environmental issues.

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