In the middle of a scenario of economic and politic crisis in Brazil as well as in Rio Grande do Sul, the Expodireto Cotrijal 2016 ended again showing the strength of the agribusiness and cooperative. During the five days of the event, which occurred from 7th to 10th of March, the number of visitors was similar to the previous years and the business of the exhibitors reached R$ 1.581.768.000.

“We feel totally satisfied with this edition of Expodireto because we accomplished our goals of showing the brands, companies, technologies, and innovations and we had very important debates for the agribusiness”, said Nei César Mânica, president of Cotrijal, at the end of the event.

From the total of business, the amount of R$ 1.234.900.000 was reached in the bank institutions, R$ 210,3 million in the company banks, R$ 87,252 million were originated in the commercialization with own resources, R$ 39,360 million in the International Pavilion and R$ 956 thousand in the family farming. The fall in the business was of 28% considering the previous year, which had an amount of R$,00.

More than 200 thousand people

During the five days of the event, 210.800 people visited the 17th Expodireto Cotrijal, of which 23 thousand were registered on the first day, 46,8 thousand on Tuesday, 47 thousand on Wednesday, 65 thousand on Thursday and 29 thousand in the last day. Considering the previous year, there was a fall of 8% on the number of visitors, which the president attributed to the rainy weather which discouraged some visitors. “The rain was a blessing to the agriculture, even better in the end of a cycle. Besides, we had a good quality of public, interested in business”, said the president.

The number of exhibitors had a gain of 5%, increasing from 530 in 2015 to 554 in 2016. The total number of own collaborators of Cotrijal and outsourced services which worked to produce the event was of 914.

70 countries in the event

A schedule specially developed by the organization involved members of groups from the 70 countries present in the event, such as Germany, Algeria, Egypt, Malaysia, Sudan, and Switzerland. The final balance, in terms of new products and technologies, was very good.

The presence, for the first time, of countries from the Eastern Europe, such as Slovakia, Slovenia, and Armenia, which have a tradition in agricultural machinery, and a strong metal-mechanical industry, helped in stimulating the search for the machinery and equipment sector in Expodireto Cotrijal.

The biggest group present in the 17th edition of Expodireto Cotrijal was from South Africa, with 22 people, who stayed in Brazil for two days, a period enough for a large exchange of knowledge, and for the possibility of interaction of their traditions and the traditions of the natives of Rio Grande do Sul.

Events to generate knowledge and changes

The Expodireto Cotrijal 2016 one more time hosted memorable events, such as the public audience of the Agriculture and Land Reform Commission of the Senate. In this year, the debate was about the federal government cut in the budget of the agricultural insurance.

Other highlights from the event were the 27th Soybean National Forum, the 8th National Corn Forum, the 12th State Forum of Dairy, the 9th Forest Forum of Rio Grande do Sul, 5th Bioenergy Forum, Soybean Brazil Forum, and the Young Cooperative International Forum. Another two important events were launched in the fair: the Forum of Wheat Culture and the State Forum of Soil and Water Conservation.

Space of the Rural Family

Developed in a partnership with Emater/RS-Ascar, it presents innovations and solutions to some of the main difficulties to the productive and social development of Rio Grande do Sul. They consist of projects, programs, and technologies related to the energy production, grain supply and to the food production and agro-industrialization for the supply of rural families and to the sale on commercial scale.

The Pavilion of Family Farming is one of the spaces which have gained importance, through the partnership with Emater/RS-Ascar, for providing value addition and rent to the properties of the families. In this year, the 220 exhibitors – agroindustry, handicraft and flower producers – reaching a total of R$ 956 thousand in business during the five days of the event, an amount which was 12% superior to 2014.

Space of Nature Cotrijal

The diversified schedule of the Space of Nature Cotrijal attracted a big number of visitors this year. Inside the Environment House, what was more interesting was the Recycling Workshop, developed in a partnership with the National Service of Rural Learning of Rio Grande do Sul (in Portuguese: Senar/RS), teaching how to reuse materials which normally are wasted. In the Nature Amphitheater, the same topic was approached in an interactive way through a stage play called “Recycling the Life”, of about 20 minutes, played at three different times during the day.

Also, in the Environment House, there was an exposition of the Clean Field System in a partnership with the National Institute of Empty Packaging Processing (in Portuguese: InpEV), which works with the correct environmental destination of the empty agrochemicals packages. And in this year the State Department of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation (in Portuguese: SEAPI) was also present, to clarify doubts from the rural producers concerning the work developed and inspections in the agricultural properties.


Public: 210.800 people during the five days of the event

Sales volume of the exhibitors: R$ 1,581 billion in business

Participating countries: 70, representing four continents

Exhibitors: 554

Degree of public satisfaction: 96%

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