Defined by the president of Expodireto Cotrijal, Nei César Mânica, as the “fair of the growth resumption”, the edition of 2017 occurred between March 6th and 10th, in its 18th edition, confirming the success of the event.

The harvest forecast was a record of grains in the summer crops in Rio Grande do Sul (above 33 million of tons) and the good moment of the agribusiness, contributed for the rise of the numbers above what was expected by the organization. In 2017, the fair motioned through the exhibitors R$,00, a rise of 34% in comparison to the edition of 2016 – overcoming the initial forecast which was of 15%.

From this total, the banks totalized R$ 1.631.160.000,00. The company banks summed an amount of R$ 259 million. The own resources closed in R$ 189 million and the International Pavilion generated R$ 40 million. The family farming had an increase of 9%, reaching R$ 1,405 million.

The number of exhibitors was 511, of which 155 were from the agricultural machinery and equipment, 48 from the plant production, 35 of animal production, 32 from companies of the pavilions 1 and 2, 29 from laboratories in the pavilion 7, 13 of press, of which 297 were registered journalists, 14 in the central area, 182 from family farming and three in the international pavilion. And the satisfaction of the public, showed through research in the park, was of 99%.

Number of visitors registered a new record

With the highest number of people registered on the third and fourth days, the total number of people who visited the park, in Não-Me-Toque, during the five days of the event, was of 240,6 thousand. In the first day, there were 26 thousand people, in the second day 52 thousand, in the third day 64 thousand, in the fourth 66 thousand and in the last day the public registered was of 32,6 thousand. In 2016, there were 210 thousand visitors.

International participation surprised again

The edition of 2017 also registered the visit of the biggest group of ambassadors in the history of the event and the participation of 70 countries. In just one day, the Expodireto received 33 ambassadors and seven diplomats, accompanied by the minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply, Blairo Maggi.

Making history with important decisions

Again, the Expodireto was the site of the largest public audience of Federal Senate – since 2012 the Agriculture Commission holds the meeting to debate topics related to agribusiness.

In 2017, the audience ended in an agreement: the PEC 287, about the National Insurance, cannot turn the rural producer into a villain, changing the criterions of retirement in the sector. Held in the Central Auditorium in the Exposition Park, under the command of the senator Ana Amélia Lemos (PP), it received a record public for three hours. The place, with a capacity for 300 people, was overcrowded. More than 500 people watched the audience outside the auditorium through a big screen.

In the evaluation of Nei César Mânica, the public audience showed that the event is definitely consolidated as a defense stage for the rural producers.


Public: 240,6 thousand people during the five days of the event

Sales volume of the exhibitors: R$,00 in business

Participating countries: 70

Exhibitors: 511

Degree of public satisfaction: 99%

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