Inspired by farmers who seek to evolve and maximize the performance on the field, Expodireto Cotrijal 2018, on March 5-9, was fertile soil for all kinds of novelties. Distinguished by a large number of launches, of both products and services in several sectors connected to agribusiness, the expo shattered the record of visitors and surpassed the business volume of the previous year by 4%. The commercial revenue amassed by all 527 exhibitors reached R$ 2,207,837,000.00.

From the point of view of Nei César Manica, President of Cotrijal, results could have been even more expressive, if not for the current uncertainty caused by taxes and the ongoing drought.

The major responsible for the business evolution was the Pavilhão Internacional, with a growth of 722% comparing to the previous year, equivalent to R$ 40 million. The amount declared, R$ 328.644 million, represented commodities sales (soy and soy bran) and the attraction of new investments.

In the last day of the event, the overview indicated the presence of 265,600 visitors, representing a growth of 10.4% in comparison to the previous year (240,600 attendees). Research revealed that 99% of the visitors left the park feeling satisfied.

Regarding the volume of sales, the expo registered a growth of 31% in sales through factory subsidiaries. Sales via public and private financial institutions dropped 16% and acquisitions with inhouse resources have fallen 10%. At the Family Agriculture Pavilion (Pavilhão da Agricultura Familiar), sales increased by 4%, totalling R$ 1.089 million.

Debates – Once again, the Federal Senate gave voice to matters pertinent to farmers. The public hearing held by the Comissão de Agricultura e Reforma Agrária (“Agriculture and Agrarian Development Committee”) touched on the adversities a farmer faces to access technology, currently considered as essential for increased productivity. The debate was conducted by senator Ana Amélia Lemos (PP-RS), as it was in previous years.

Business/Revenue - R$ 2,207,837,000.00
Attendance – 265.6 thousand people during the 5 days of the event
Participating countries – 70
Exhibitors - 527
Satisfaction rate of the public – 99%

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