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Authorization of the stand assembler

It is necessary that the exhibitor requests the accreditation of the assembler responsible for the execution and assembly of your stand, until the deadline of 31/01/2020.

Send the form filled out to the email

Consumption of Electric Energy

It is necessary that the exhibitor request the connection to the electric energy with the desired power for his stand until the deadline of 07/02/2020.

Send the form filled out to the email

Accreditation of Service Providers

It is necessary that the exhibitor registers the hired service providers, authorizing them to contract services and perform debits in the Financial Sector, if this is the case, in Expodireto Cotrijal in our name, giving us the responsibility for the information provided.

Employees, Assembly, and Outsourced

Exclusive for the filling in of companies of assemblers and outsourced. The objective is to provide badges of personal use for the circulation in the Expodireto Park.

Send the form filled out and signed to the email

Telephone Lines and Internet Solicitations

Payment must be made by 14/02/2020, otherwise the telephone and internet service will not be available.

Telephone calls made at the booth will be charged by Cotrijal after the fair by sending the report of the calls made.

The layout for installation must be obligatorily sent until 14/02/2020 to the email

More financial information, see the form.

Hay piles Acquisition

The hay acquisition for the Expodireto Cotrijal 2021 must be outsourced with exclusive suppliers indicated by Cotrijal, which contact information can be found below. It is important to remember that, according to the Manual of the Exhibitor available in the Expodireto site, it is forbidden the entrance of hay through others who are not indicated below:

The contact information of the exclusive supplies for orders and receipt requests:

Mr. Rafael Pozza
Phone: 54 99976-9701
Mr. Ginésio Paludo
Phone: 54 99902-2199
Mr. Gilberto Paludo
Phone: 54 99614-8573
E-mail: / Address: Santo Antônio do Planalto / RS

Price of the hay pile: R$ coming soon

Payment must be made until 02/12/2021, otherwise the product will not be available.

Delivery must be scheduled in advance with the supplier.

Delivery period: 02/15/21 to 02/25/21.

Delivery will only be made if the person responsible for the order is on site or leaves another person indicated for receipt and conference. The latter must sign the delivery stub.

Payment must be made via bank deposit to the current account:
Bank: Sicredi (748) - Branch: 0211 - Checking Account: 3328-6 - Favored: Ginesio Antônio Paludo
The deposit must be identified. Otherwise, it will be necessary to present proof of payment to withdraw the product.

To further knowledge: one hay pile covers an area of 2m² .

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