About 39 thousand meals are served during the Expodireto Cotrijal

About 39 thousand meals are served during the Expodireto Cotrijal
Thousands of people visit daily the Central Food Court of the fair
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Thousands of people visit the food places in the Expodireto Cotrijal every day. The big concentration of people occurs during the lunch period, from 10:30 AM to 3:00 PM, a moment when many teams of collaborators work at full stretch to well serve all the visitors. In the total, about 39 thousand meals shall be served during the fair.

In the Central Food Court, the projection is that the number of meals served will be between 18 thousand and 20 thousand, concerning the five days of the event. In the restaurant, it will be another 14 thousand, while the Food Court of the sector of Animal Production shall serve around 5 thousand meals. In this projection, the snacks are not accounted. All the food come from the Cotrijal Supermarket.

“The work in the Central Food Court starts at 7:00 AM, where 150 collaborators work, of which 41 are outsourced and the rest is associate members of Cotrijal. We have teams that work in the kitchen, in the roasting, in the salad, in the serving and in the beverages”, tells the manager of the Cotrijal Supermarkets, Ana Cristina Bocasanta.

Barbecue that does not end anymore

The numbers of Expodireto are impressive. Only in the sector of roasting, are offered 4.6 thousand of kilos of cattle meat during all the fair, 3.5 thousand kilos of pork meat and 3 thousand kilos of chicken sausage.

The responsible for the meat roasting is the associate member of Cotrijal, Décio Kern, who coordinates a team of 18 people. “We put in the fire at around 8:45 AM and we roast it slowly. One day before, we season it and store everything in the cold room. The secret is to roast with patience and have experience”, reveals Kern.

800 kilos of rice

In the kitchen 29 people work, coordinated closely by the associate member of Cotrijal Ilma Rambo. She has been a chef in the kitchen for 15 editions of the fair.

“At 7:00 AM we start to cook the rice and we put the beans to cook. To make everything work is necessary to have experience and be aware all the time”, says Ilma.

In this edition, during all the Expodireto, shall be served around 800 kilos of rice, 135 kilos of beans, 800 kilos of pasta and 27 sacks of potatoes.

Seven types of salad

The associate member Adelise Daumling is responsible for the salads, breads and the typical cakes offered in the lunch. She works in the fair since the first edition of the event. “We offer seven types of salad. The secret for everything to work right is the attention”, says Adelise.

In this edition, Adelise is coordinating a team of 18 people. During the fair, will be served approximately, a thousand kilos of green beans, 500 kilos of tomatoes, a thousand heads of cauliflower or broccoli and 300 kilos of beetroot, among other salad options.

Work done previously

The food service in the Expodireto starts 15 days before the fair, when a team of nine associate members start the structure assembly of tables and benches, besides the cleaning of dishes and cutlery. In fact, around 5 thousand dishes are used and it is necessary two whole days of work, before the fair, to clean all of them.

Source: Press Office of Expodireto Cotrijal

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