Conservation and wellbeing of the fauna are highlights in the House of Environment

Conservation and wellbeing of the fauna are highlights in the House of Environment
In 2019, the space receives exhibitions from Primaves and Muzar
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Since 2002, the Park of Expodireto Cotrijal counts with a specific space for actions related to the environmental education. The space, which includes the House of the Environment, a lake, an area with native fruit trees and the project Forests of Rio Grande do Sul, brings, each year, environmental exhibitions, with different themes for discussion prepared for the visitors.

The coordinator of the Environment of Cotrijal, Deisi Sebastiani Nicolao, highlights the acknowledgement of the services of the ecosystem in the maintenance of life of people and all living creatures, valuing the regional biodiversity and the environmental balance. She points out to the fact that the topic of the environment must be approached with responsibility, thinking about the economic development, but without forgetting the sustainability. “Cotrijal keeps this space because it has this concern with the environment and wants, through it, to instigate the people to also do their parts to preserve the nature”, says Deisi.

In the upper floor of the House, during the five days of fair, the visitors can learn a little more about the work of the ONG Convidas, through an exhibition which reunites pictures of the Program Primaves. “We are supporters of this project, because it provides an adequate shelter for the animals that are not able anymore of returning to the nature”, explains Deisi.

In the middle of the photographs of the animals helped by the ONG, the veterinarian of the organization, Luis Pedrotti, explains that the center receives primates and birds which have lost their natural territory because of the human action. “The animals keep living in this place for the rest of their lives, receiving the nutritional and sanitary support. This partnership with Cotrijal is an opportunity of exposing a little about our work”, he highlights.

In the lower floor of the House of the Environment, there is the exhibition “Services of the Ecosystem: how much you pay for them”, through a partnership between Cotrijal and the Zoo and Botanical Musem Augusto Ruschi (Muzar), from the University of Passo Fundo. Élinton Rezende, worker in the laboratory of Muzar, says that it is the second time of the Museum in the House of the Environment from Cotrijal.

The exhibition shows the benefits that animals and plants bring to the population concerning regulation, maintenance of populations, medicinal plants and unconventional food. “We bring the reflection upon services which we do not notice that are being offered by the nature, but which are of great importance for the regulation of the weather, soil, among others. Frequently, people have the distinction that environment is one thing and production is another, but they are intimately connected, one depends of the other. This is one way of making a demonstration of the importance of preserving the environment for the economic development of the region”, explains Rezende.


The schedule of the House of the Environment also counts with daily stage plays. In 2019, the topic debated is “All together cooperating for the environment”, with three exhibitions each day: one in the morning, at 10:30 AM; and two in the afternoon, at 1:30 and 2:30 PM.

LOOKOUT – Besides the exhibitions and the stage plays, the visitors can also enjoy the lookout of the space located at the end of the footbridge, with a great view of the Exposition Park of Expodireto Cotrijal. It is also possible to visit the Project Forests of Rio Grande do Sul Cotrijal, around the lake, which has a representation of seven phytogeographical regions from RS, with identification of the native trees.

Source: Press Office of Expodireto Cotrijal.

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