Abundance and unexpected flavors motion the agro-industries

Abundance and unexpected flavors motion the agro-industries
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From the traditional juice to products more sophisticated. The diversity of flavors, aromas and homemade sweets, from different regions of the state, make the Pavilion of Family Farming one of the spaces that more delight the visitors of the Expodireto Cotrijal.

Being in the fair for the first time, the Agroindustry Aura Verde, from Pelotas, brought onion pickles caramelized in the dry red wine, paste of eggplant and an attraction with unexpected flavor: the hamburger of mushrooms, in partnership with the Agroindustry Colonial Funghi, also from Pelotas. “It is a vegetarian option, without gluten and food preservatives”, said the proprietor Jonathas Malafaia Rivero. Besides the gourmet line, the agroindustry is also developing a line of vegetable pâtés without gluten.

Walking from stand to stand, there was the couple of producers of Cotrijal, Cleomar Rodrigues, 60 years old, and Maristela, 49, from Coqueiros do Sul, which would not get out of the park without visiting the space. “It is wonderful. We have come every year. We take cheese, salami, molasses of sugar cane. A little of everything”, said the woman.

In the Expodireto there is also a space for handicraft. “Here we exhibit our work, we are valued and we find even relatives”, said the Guarani Indian Merong Tapurumã, referring to the relatives from the tribe Macuxi, from Roraima, who came to visit the fair. This is the third time that he is exhibiting his work in Expodireto. Besides Merong, eight other Indians from the communities Guarani from Erebango, Guarani from Maquiné, from Nonoai, from Iraí and from Lomba do Pinheiro, in Porto Alegre, participate of the fair.


In 2018, the business in the pavilion overcame R$ 1 million. “The Expodireto is a great display. It represents a full crop for the agro-industries. The expectation is one of the best”, says the assessor of Agricultural Policy and Agroindustry of Fetag/RS, Jocimar Rabaioli, who has been in the organization of the space since 2008.

This year, there are 182 stands, of which 142 are from agro-industries and 40 of handicraft, plants and flowers. The Pavilion is organized through a partnership among Cotrijal, Department of Rural Development and Cooperativism (SDR), Emater/RS-Ascar, Fetag and Fetraf.

Source: Press Office of Expodireto Cotrijal

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