Size does not matter in the market of tractors in Expodireto

Size does not matter in the market of tractors in Expodireto
Area of machinery and equipment bring news to all sizes of properties
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One has 25 horsepower of potency, is directed to small producers and it is still not being produced in Brazil. The other has 250 horsepower of potency, is the dream of medium and big producers and it is fabricated and sold in Brazil since 2017, when it was released. The two tractors attract the attention in the Expodireto Cotrijal and prove that the fair has technology to offer to all sizes of properties and directed to the more varied cultures.

Producer Elton Sebastiany was impressed with the tractor of 25 horsepower of potency

The first is a release of Mahindra, Indian maker which is exhibiting in the fair the model 2025, which attends to the necessities of the horticultural producers and producers of grapes and tobacco. “It is subcompact, but it is very robust and supports hard applications. It is perfect for the Brazilian family farmer”, says the specialist in marketing of Mahindra Brasil, Felipe Cristan.

The tractor will be commercialized in the second semester of this year in the factory of Dois Irmãos (RS) and in the new unit projected for the state of São Paulo, of which the place is not defined yet. A potential buyer visited the stand on this Thursday and was impressed with the model. Elton Sebastiany, producer of citrus, corn silage and farmer of dairy cattle in Bom Princípio, located in Vale do Caí, was impressed with the tractor. “It is the ideal for our region, of small pieces of land and irregular geography”, he said.

Valtra presents tractor of 250 horsepower of potency in the fair

The second tractor is the T CVT 250 of Valtra, which received the title of the best machine for the category above 200 horsepower of potency in 2017. The model is part of the family T CVT, a series of machines premium of the heavy line which highlights itself with the best relation between potency and transmission, with a maximized performance for long days in the field. “It is an attraction of Expodireto. We have already sold some units and we are receiving more proposals”, said the Product specialist of Tractors of Valtra, Flavio Pastori.

Source: Press Office of Expodireto Cotrijal

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