Expodireto attracts visitors from all around

Expodireto attracts visitors from all around
The diversity of technologies, innovations and the possibility of expanding the knowledge attract visitors from all ages and from all around the country and abroad

A simple walk through the streets of the Expodireto Cotrijal already gives an idea of the diversity of products and knowledge that the fair offers to the visitors, being them producers or people from other sectors. There are visitors from the most varied ages: from young to adults and elderly people, and with the most different interests, from the acquisition of machinery, equipment and vehicles, to the research results from the variety of cultures, where are also considered the products offered by the family farming.

In the hot and sunny morning of the Thursday, 14th, the couple Leo and Neide Favareto Slaviero, from Tapejara, soybean producers, visited the park. “I came here last year, just to participate of the Meeting of Rural Women Entrepreneurs. This year I have decided to come with my husband just to get to know the fair. We arrived very early, and we think that everything is really beautiful”, said Neide, adding that this year she had convinced the husband, Leo, to come to Expodireto Cotrijal. He had already heard a lot about the fair, but he still did not know it. What can be found in the area of seeds was what more attracted the interest of the couple of producers of Cotrijal.

Producers of Cotrijal, Leo and Neide Slaviero, from Tapejara, looked for information in the area of seeds

In groups or individually, and administrating the visits in the most different ways, people have come to enjoy the best of the day in the Expodireto Cotrijal. It was this way with Cecília Fátima Godinho Pelegrini, cattle raiser, and living in the countryside of André da Rocha. Also on the Thursday, she was walking through the park with her sister-in-law, but she had arrived in the park in the company of her husband and her brother. However, inside the park, they split up.

“We split up to see more of the fair. While I go to one side, they went to the other. We settled a place to meet again later. Our group, here, is now just women”, said Cecília Pelegrini, visiting the Expodireto Cotrijal for the first time, event that she enjoyed a lot.

Cecília Pelegrini came from André da Rocha, North-east region of Rio Grande do Sul

Interest for machinery

Maria Inácia Vieira Godinho, who plants soybean on her property, and lives in the city of Lagoa Vermelha, has visited the fair, considering the 20th edition, for eight times. A little different from most of the women who visit the Expodireto Cotrijal, her interest is in agricultural machinery and implement.

“Me and my husband, we cultivate soybean, that is why we like to look for machinery and equipment that help in the planting. The fair is great and we like a lot the innovations of each year”, explained Maria Godinho.

As it is traditional the visit in Expodireto Cotrijal of people who have commercial interests in the fair, also there is the presence of many groups of young people, students, with their attention directed to the sector of machinery. Everything is registered in their phones, for a posterior research, memory of the visit or just for a selfie.

Maria Inácia with the granddaughter Maria Joseane: looking for innovations

Source: Press Office of Expodireto Cotrijal

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