More Technology Than Ever Before

More Technology Than Ever Before
Optimistic officials and leaders at the official opening of the 21st annual Expodireto Cotrijal this Monday, March 2

Expodireto Cotrijal 2020 officially opened this morning with certainty that like every other year, the expo’s main objectives of the agricultral’s sector’s focus, organization, innovation, and value, would be reaffirmed. The ceremony happened in the central auditorium and was attended by a great number of government officials.

Cotrijal’s president Nei César Manica, reaffirmed the fact that the expo would be considered a forum for attending to the sector’s demands. Manica reminded the audience of the news that Governor Eduardo Leite announced last year regarding RS 142’s reconstruction whose construction work was handed over to the community on Sunday afternoon. “This is what we need, to start and finish the promised work. In RS 142’s case this will result in more security and improvements in logistics for the whole region.”

He emphasized the importance of reducing interest on agribusiness, a subject that was brought to the Government’s Economic Team’s attention by the Minister of Agriculture, Tereza Cristina. “This will breathe even more life into our economy,” he stated.

Manica highlighted the show’s innovations, inaugurating the Agrodigital Arena which the President of Expodireto Cotrijal believes to be a parting of the seas for Brazilian agribusiness. “We want to transform the area into a technology and innovation laboratory within the Expodireto park and allow startups from all over Brazil the opportunity to develop projects within the agribusiness sector.”

The 21st Annual Expodireto Cotrijal has participants from over 80 countries and 573 exhibitors. Nei César Manica attributed the expo’s annual success to the integration of collaborators, exhibitors, and sponsors. “We want this to be the biggest and best expo ever. Our goal is to bring technology and innovation to everyone who visits the expo. Everyone who attends brings knowledge and all those who leave broaden their knowledge,” the president concluded.

An Expo to Accelerate the Agriculture Industry

The Minister of Agriculture Tereza Cristina remembered speaking in 2019 about the increase in insurance subsidies for the Safra Plan (Plano Safra) which has been finalized. She emphasized the symbolic act of awarding titles for Countrymen Liberation Settlements (Assentamento Libertação Camponesa) of Não-Me-Toque which were awarded during the official opening. “The goal is to grant 600,000 titles by the end of the term.” For her, Brazil’s prospects in agribusiness are great. “We have all the structure and technology. The market is waiting for us, entrepreneurs have to be bolder,” she stated.

Não-Me-Toque prefect Pedro Paulo Falcão da Rosa recognized the Expodireto Cotrijal as an important event that internationally put the municipality’s name on the map and made Não-Me-Toque synonymous with precision agriculture.

For Legislative Assembly president Ermani Polo, Expodireto Cotrijal renews hope every year. “It’s impossible not to remember this expo’s history which started out small and still hasn’t lost sight of its original goal: focus and organization. It’s one of the biggest brands in agribusiness not just in Rio Grande do Sul but in the world. The future of farming is here,” he emphasized.

He spoke about the difficulties that Rio Grande do Sul faces which entails decreasing investments and losing a competitive edge compared to other Brazilian states. “We’ve also experienced a period of apprehension during this harvest. The dry weather brings damage and affects different crops, mainly corn. Now at the end of the soy cycle in some regions of the State, the lack of rain is causing significant damage. But we need to create alternatives and face the challenges,” Polo said. For Polo, the journey undergoes valuation by agribusiness which is the sector that has sustained the State and country’s economy during the worst of times.

Federal Representative Pedro Westphalen, representing the Chamber of Representatives said that small, medium, and large scale producers are given the respect they are due at this expo as representatives of the field that has sustained the national and state economy.

Onix Lorenzoni, the minister of Citizenship and representative for president Jair Bolsonaro emphasized that Expodireto Cotrijal is a clear example of a sector that knows how to reinvent itself. “We’ve faced a lot of instability during previous government administrations, but now we’re producing a kilogram of the world’s greenest protein or vegetable with minimum use of pesticides and the highest quality of food that can be put on the table for anyone in the world,” the minister affirmed.

An expo recognized around the world that puts our state front and center in this sector. This is how governor of Rio Grande do Sul Eduardo Leite referred to our expo. He emphasized the Digital Arena’s inauguration as the origin of a future technology center. “We’re motivated to incentivize technology because we want to profit from productivity, quality, and precisión in all sectors which will also guarantee job creation and profits for the economy in the future, in what we know best: agricultural production,” Leite stated.

The main table is comprised of the Vice Governor, delegate Ranolfo Viera Jr., Senator Luís Carlos Heinze, the president of the Rio Grande do Sul Court Appellate Judge Voltaire de Lima Moraes; the Cotrijal Vice President Enio Schroeder, Federal Deputy Alceu Moreira, Senator Lasier Martins, the Paraguay Minister of Agriculture Rodolfo Friedmann, and the Senegalese Ambassador to Brazil Fatoumata Correa.

Source: Press Office of Expodireto Cotrijal

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