Technology is Ineffective without Connectivity, says Businessman

Technology is Ineffective without Connectivity, says Businessman
Paulo Hermann, President of John Deere in Brazil
03/03/2020 edição 2020

“Ensuring a connection between all of the machines in the field is the way to make agriculture 4.0 viable in Brazil. We have a new world in front of us, where we will communicate with machines and making this connection viable is fundamental.”. This was the President of John Deere Brazil’s, Paulo Herrmann’s main message to producers and professionals linked to Agro, who filled the auditorium of the Agrodigital Arena at the Expodireto Cotrijal, this Tuesday the 3rd.

For the specialist, the scenario indicates that Brazil will have a bright future in agribusiness in the coming years. “It is estimated that grain harvest will grow by 27% in the next 10 years. This pace of producing more in less space will continue”, he said.

And the best way for producers to take advantage of the opportunities, according to him, is to combine efficient agriculture with sustainable production. “The producer who invests in machinery that sees the field and understands each plant, wins. At Expodireto, I saw agriculture which was responsible, efficient, sustainable and productive. I am sure that this region will advance very quickly and lead Brazil in digital Agro”, he pointed out.

Visionary and oozing optimism, he also sees innovation as a strong ally to the return of young people to the field. “There is no better place than Agro. And technology has this ability to unite the family”, he concluded.

This Tuesday, amongst those attending, was producer, Vilson Müller, of Santo Antônio do Planalto, who bought the whole family. “It was to motivate the kids further”, he justified. He did not know the speaker but was of the same opinion.

Source: Expodireto Cotrijal Press Office

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