Environment: individual actions result in a positive change for all

Environment: individual actions result in a positive change for all
The theatre raises environmental awareness in a light-hearted and entertaining way

Nature Space Cotrijal (Espaço da Natureza Cotrijal), created in 2002 at the Expodireto Cotrijal park to provide nature-related information associated, or otherwise, to agricultural activities, presents this year, at the House of the Environment (Casa do Meio Ambiente), a lecture titled “Individual attitude, collective results”, focused on teaching adequate forms of domestic waste disposal and demonstrating how it is possible to guarantee sustainability from simple habits that everyone can incorporate on their daily routines.

Held by biologist Camila Hunnig, the lecture makes the audience reflect on their attitude towards the environment, through examples of her daily life. “Sustainability principles, adequate waste disposal, recycling and waste reduction, water and energy economy and conscious consumption are some of the subjects tackled in this lecture, instilling the notion that the future of our planet depends on responsible actions and preservation from each and every one of us”, stated the biologist.

During the lecture, Camila also takes the opportunity to answer some questions from the audience, trying to clarify recurrent doubts, such as the proper ways and spaces to dispose certain types of waste – electronics, batteries and fluorescent lamps, for example. “Each act taken in favour of the environment, as small as it may be, contributes massively for a better future in this world of ours. That depends, inevitably, on social and environmental sustainability processes”. At the recycling workshop, the instructor from Senar/RS, Mareni Bresolin Catanio uses scraps of EVA., fabrics and paints to create bunnies, keychains and mini banners. She explains that the confection of these objects complements the subject discussed during the lecture, performed in a creative and fun way. “We demonstrate that simple materials, that could simply go into the bin, such as scraps of fabrics and EVA, can be transformed into dolls and objects to decorate your house. The idea is to raise awareness, avoiding waste and taking advantage of materials that, more often than not, we don’t give any importance to and just end up discarding”.

The Nature Space Cotrijal also boasts a Nature Amphitheatre (Anfiteatro da Natureza), were theatrical plays are presented in three sessions: 10:30 a.m., 1:30 p.m. and 2:30 p.m. Always themed around nature and environmental awareness, presentations scheduled for the 21st edition of the Expo unite art, music and entertainment to tackle serious subjects, such as adequate separation of waste, rational usage of water and energy, and healthy diets. The group Viva Arte Produções Artísticas from Passo Fundo, responsible for the amphitheatre’s schedule for over 20 years, brings a new play this year, “Ecological Camping” (“Acampamento Ecológico”), in which themes are discussed in a light-hearted and entertaining way by scouts and theirs chief, incentivizing interactions of members of the audience, which are invited to perform one of camp’s activities.

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