The State Forum on Milk is a Success

The State Forum on Milk is a Success
Hundreds of farmers and technicians attended the 16th State Forum on Milk (16º Fórum Estadual do Leite)

The 16th State Forum on Milk was a success. The Expodireto Cotrijal central auditorium remained full during the entire event which took place during the morning on Wednesday, March 4th. Two lectures providing a panoramic view on innovation and management in dairy production were given.

The first presentation was given by University of Kentucky Professor João H.C. Costa who discussed “Innovation in animal and process control in dairy farming.” He emphasized the use of animal monitoring data to identify problems. According to Costa, new technology isn’t just available to the largest dairy producers.

“There are many farms with 10, 15, 20, and 30 cows around the world that are more efficient than farms with 5, 6, or 10,000 cows. The correct use of technology when managed with planning and ideas to improve efficiency is independent of the farm size.”

Costa presented various technologies used in Kentucky from controlling each animal with monitoring methods and above all, how to enact its practical application. The professor made it clear to farmers that globally, the dairy industry is rapidly becoming more professional.

“Using data and technology is the future of the dairy industry. Farmers and other workers of the dairy industry are bringing different demands that we have to meet if we want to sell dairy,” he asserts. Investing in management to increase profits

Sandro Viechnieski, a veterinarian at the Dairy Clinic Institute ( Instituto Clínica de Leite) gave a lecture on “How can the Agro+Lean management model help the dairy farmer?” It’s a model that has been put into practice by agribusiness producers for the past 40 years in Brazil, having been tested and proven in the dairy industry, the pig farming industry, and in the agricultural sector.

Viechnieski explained that the objective is to reduce waste, which is responsible for cutting into a large part of farmers’ profits. “This is done by people. Our focus is to do it so people are the main propelling factor for a farm’s growth, achieving this by causing farmers to feel like they can improve every day.”

The Lean philosophy is based on resolving four problems: lack of clarity, focus, discipline, and engagement. Working with these questions makes it possible to find solutions to these four factors that bring success to any business: culture, leadership training, and a good team. “Culture is what happens on site behind the scenes. The culture holds up a mirror to the owner of the company,” he explained.

Information for Progressing in the Industry

The ideas presented at the forum inspired dairy farmer Vivian Nothen from Coqueiros do Sul. She’s been in the industry for 12 years and emphasized that she will bring the knowledge she gained from the lecture back to her farm.

“It was very good and gave us insight into a lot of up and coming technology. We always have the expectation whether or not we continue to work in the sector because maintaining dairy operations are very complicated. But the lecturers showed that we need to continue moving forward,” Vivian said.

The veterinarian and manager of Cotrijal Animal Production Renne Granato commemorated the forum’s success and emphasized the fact that the event remained full during its entire four hour duration.

“The lectures were received well by technicians who attended in the morning, and the information is being used in their work routines, mainly in the farmers’ work routines,” Granato concluded.

Source: Expodireto Cotrijal Press Office

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