An abundance of unique flavours

An abundance of unique flavours
Cheeses from the agrobusiness Alvorada Missioneira, in Canela, have already become public favourites

Have you ever tried artisan cheese made from raw milk, stored in wine, or a Boursin style cheese? You can find them at Expodireto Cotrijal. Actually, these are just an appetiser for the many delights that visitors can find at the Pavilhão da Agricultura Familiar.

First-timers at the expo, cheeses from the agrobusiness Alvorada Missioneira, in Canela, have already become favourites amongst the visitors from all over the country and abroad. “I am impressed by the quality of the products. Especially, the cheese. My favourite is stored in wine. Very much approved of!”, exclaimed exhibitor Rafael Loppnow, from Timbó, Santa Catarina.

“Whoever tries it, takes it. We brought around 600 pieces and we are already bringing in back-up stock so that we don’t let anyone down”, celebrated Carlos Kaeffer, one of the owners. On the stand, the client can also find artisan doce de leite, which is starch and glucos free, making a perfect combination.

Having been in the market for seven years, the agrobusiness, which has won national awards, produces around 10 types of artisan cheeses and other products, and makes 400 litres of milk/day. The plan is to reach 1,000 litres/day with the same quality. Amongst them, is Chanclixe, Arabic cheese that has record sales and the option of being stored in olive oil to fascilitate transportation to other states.

The various-flavoured patê from agrobusiness Nossa Versão, in Gramado, are other newcomers which promise good sales. “The Expodireto is a great showcase. The expectation is the best”, said the owner Ronaldo Serafim. Created five years ago, the agrobusiness produces an average of 500 kilos per month.

Electrician, César Dias, from Getúlio Vargas, circulated the isles accompanied by his father-in-law, and with a shopping list. “For the whole family. We hope to get cheese, bread, wholemeal crackers and unrefined brown sugar”, he explained.

In the pavilion, there are 191 stands and 226 enterprises from 129 state municipalities. In 2019, turnover reached R$ 1.05 million. The space is organised in a partnership between Cotrijal, the Secretary of Agriculture, Livestock and Development (Secretaria de Agricultura, Pecuária e Desenvolvimento (SEAPDR)), Emater/RS-Ascar, Fetag and Fetraf.

Source: Expodireto Cotrijal Press Office

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