Overcoming the agricultural challenges depends on increasing competitiveness and communication

Overcoming the agricultural challenges depends on increasing competitiveness and communication
Andrea Cordeiro spoke in front of a women-filled auditorium about agricultural challenges, presenting tools to overcome them

The completely crowded central auditorium of Expodireto Cotrijal hosted, this afternoon, the 6th Meeting of Rural Companies Cotrijal/Bayer, accompanied by a lecture from Andrea Cordeiro, writer, lawyer and adviser, titled “The challenges of agriculture” (“Os desafios do agro”).

The president of Cotrijal, Nei Cesar Manica, thanked Andrea for her attendance and said that we no longer discuss the importance of women in agribusiness - only the spaces they should occupy. The technical sales representative of Bayer, Jonis Gelain, stated that the event came to stay on its 6th edition, and that these debates, beyond women, should involve the entire family in order to qualify the fieldwork.

Andrea listed, as agribusiness challenges, sustainability, which includes environmental, social and financial repercussions, facing the controversies surrounding the sector and the lack of communication families and producers face on their properties.

As solutions, she mentioned that producers must select business partners based on their shared values, not only prices. She argues that focused actions are necessary to allow the growth of competitiveness for farms and producers and, for that goal, she suggested the exchange of experiences and connection with fellow farmers, a favourable financial policy, a specific agricultural policy, qualification of producers and processes, improvements on infrastructure and logistics, and, last but not least, communication.

egarding communication, believed to be the most difficult problem to overcome, Andrea mentioned certain elements, such as aging, rural exodus and property management, which are still taboo amongst families. “We need to enable, strengthen the rural environment, create technical schools, incentivizing young farmers to stay on the fields because they’re proud of it, but we need the necessary tools in place”, she stated.

On succession, which remains as taboo on farms, the speaker advised working on the identification of potential inside the family itself, so that succession comes naturally, never forgetting the well-being of the family and the farm. Andrea suggested that women should use their communication skills, uniting their voices to narrow the gap between rural areas and cities and, most importantly, introducing hospitality practices among men, women and young people on their own realities.

In the opinion of Vânia Rosa Nienow, producer in Almirante Tamandaré do Sul, the lecture tackled important subjects, although with a different view, much more comprehensive and sincere when it comes to the reality of Brazilian agribusiness.

Source: Expodireto Cotrijal Press Office

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