Milk: Youth 4.0 and connections with the countryside

Milk: Youth 4.0 and connections with the countryside
Young people at Cotrijal interact and seek knowledge at the expo

The Expodireto is full of good ideas and interactions. Cotrijal, to make the most of this, united a group of young associates, milk producers, to identify and share information through social networking. This is the Cotrijal Youth 4.0 project (projeto Jovens 4.0 Cotrijal) with the participation of 15 young people, who arrived at the park in uniform and motivated to explore the most diverse technological innovations.

The activity, which occurred this Wednesday, 4th March, had official agendas, visits and a lot of interaction. “We know how important the expo is for producers and the idea is to make the most of that day. And we have this opportunity, together with others, to bring more technology to our day-to-day”, commented Vanessa Follmer, 21 years old, from Victor Graeff.

The group visited the Animal and Vegetable Production House (Casa da Produção Animal e Vegetal), at the CCGL, Delaval, Cowmed Bayer, Syngenta and Yara stands. Another highlight was the meeting with the management of the co-operative and a visit to the Agrodigital arena. “These young people will continue this project throughout the year. We want to transform this idea into an event aimed at young people who work in the dairy industry, so that we can identify the aspirations of the group and help them to stay in the field”, highlights the manager of Animal Production at Cotrijal, Renne Granato.

The Cotrijal Youth 4.0 project was launched by the co-operative at the beginning of this year. It has young people between 16 and 25 years old and includes units from Santo Antônio do Planalto, Colorado, Não-Me-Toque, Victor Greff and Coqueiros do Sul (Igrejinha).

You can find information on social networks under #cotrijaléleite and see publications to follow news from the group.

Source: Expodireto Cotrijal Press Office

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