A forum stimulating young people to remain on the field

A forum stimulating young people to remain on the field
Parents and sons reunited this morning for the 9th Forum of the Young Cooperative
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Weslei Glienke, 19 years old, dairy producer in Vitor Graeff, left the 9th Forum of the Young Cooperative excited with the prospects opened by what he heard during the event. He is currently finishing his technical graduation in Agribusiness while performing an internship in the vegetable production area of the cooperative, with expectations to continue his family business.

Apart from Weslei, other youngsters with farming on their DNA were participants on the forum, at central auditorium of Expodireto Cotrijal, during this morning, the 6th of March, which included lectures and presentations on young farmers’ experiences. “I am going home to share what I’ve heard and all the experiences that incentivized us to remain on our fields”, highlighted the young farmer.

For Nei César Manica, president of Cotrijal, the activity is a way to convey knowledge. “Every activity relies on knowledge, and that’s why we opened this space nine years ago”, he stated.

The first lecture was conducted by Giezi Schneider, Chief Executive of the Innovation Network Conecta (Rede de Inovação Conecta), from the University of Passo Fundo (Universidade de Passo Fundo), which challenged young people to choose their desired role inside a connected and innovative world.

He talked about the upcoming generations in rural properties, the choice of a place within this reality, about identifying problems that are really relevant for some and not looking at technology as a final product. He incentivized the audience to innovate further in new ways, not only producing and consuming technology, and “looking into the void, searching for what could be invented”.

“My suggestion is that you choose your own role, filtering what is useful and what is not, what you should do and what you shouldn’t. We may not always get it right, but we will continue searching for useful things, handpicking, selecting in accordance with our reality, with our condition”, he finished.

New elements to aggregate

Rogério Raposo, product manager at Hypercubes, talked about his experience as an agronomic engineer who realized that reality could not keep up with the needs of farmers. With a company headquartered in Silicon Valley, United States of America, he talked about the clash between two different worlds, which allows the creation of solutions and a brighter look into the future.

The company is developing a satellite capable of gathering real-time detailed information about crops and equipped to deliver these analyses remotely to farmers. “We have to look forward, of course, but we cannot forget those who paved the way before us and all they’ve done and achieved. We can continue their work with technology that is rising to help and simplify our work in the field”, he claimed.

Rural succession and the adoption of new technologies

Continuing with the forum, two young farmers shared their work experiences in the field. Henrique Hummes, 33 years old, agronomic engineer and former employee at Cotrijal, talked about his farm, which is now run by him and two brothers. He explained what was implemented, such as technological solutions to increase and improve productivity and praised the partnership with Cotrijal, which ensures assistance, as well as commercial and administrative counselling.

Maiara Neuberger, 29 years old, also shared how her life changed when she decided to dedicate her efforts into dairy production at the family property in Coqueiros do Sul. With a workforce completely composed of family members, the property includes a total of 87 animals. Since her father-in-law invested in her and her husband, with the intent to keep them in the farm, every process was reformulated, such as cost management, reproductive, nutritional and sanitary management, while improving dairy control procedures, including technologies while constantly seeking growths in productivity and enhanced management conditions.

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