Cotrijal intensifies preparations for Expodireto 2022

Cotrijal intensifies preparations for Expodireto 2022
Collective for the closing of the 2020 fair, at Arena Agrodigital, a space that should be highlighted in 2022
28/09/2021 edição 2022

The organising committee met on the afternoon of Monday, 27th September, to define details relating to the 22nd edition of the expo, scheduled for 7th to 11th March 2022.

With the reduction in cases of COVID-19 and more flexibility in the rules for holding events in Rio Grande do Sul, the organising committee of the Expodireto Cotrijal intensifies preparations for the 2022 expo. Scheduled for 7th to 11th March in Não-Me-Toque, the 22nd edition will take place in a face-to-face format, but it will also provide opportunities for exhibiting companies to present their products through a virtual platform.

The president of Cotrijal, Nei César Manica, highlights that innovation will be the main focus of the fair, which, year after year, has been one of the main access channels for rural producers to new technology. ‘The pandemic accelerated the innovation process in all sectors, including in the agricultural sector. We had great challenges, but there has been a lot of progress in the last 18 months and companies will have a lot to show at Expodireto, and the rural producer, who is the main reason for holding the fair, is eager to see this”, he says.

Park care, such as gardening, cleaning, improvements, have been maintained over the past few months. The adequacy of spaces for food and other closed environments will be made in accordance with the guidelines of the State Department for Health and the sanitary protocol is updated in accordance with the current state ordinance.

In addition to the sale of lots to exhibitors, the traditional events held in the auditoriums will also begin to be organised from next week. “The expectation is to repeat the number of exhibitors from previous editions, following the recommended precautions, and make a great fair”, concludes Nei César Manica.

In 2020, from 2nd to 6th March, when the last Expodireto Cotrijal was held, the 573 exhibitors did R$2.6 billion in business. The visiting public reached 256,000 people from 71 countries.

Source: Expodireto Cotrijal Press Office

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