We, at COTRIJAL COOPERATIVA AGROPECUÁRIA E INDUSTRIAL ("COTRIJAL"), registered in the CNPJ/MF under No. 91.495.549/0001-50, with headquarters at Rua Júlio Graeff, No. 01, in Não-Me-Toque/RS, in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, are the largest agricultural cooperative in Rio Grande do Sul, with various units for receiving grains, associates, clients and employees.

We also operate in the wholesale area, both physically and digitally, with shops, supermarkets, and a wholesaler, as well as e-commerce. Independent of the segment in which we operate, we have security and transparency at our foundation, both towards the cooperative members and society in general.

In this sense, COTRIJAL is committed to attending to the requirements of the General Personal Data Protection Law LGPD (Law No. 13.709/18), in respect to the privacy and protection of Personal Data.

And by means of this Policy, we seek to clarify the principal rules on the use of Personal Data of all those who interact with us on our websites [https://www.cotrijal.com.br/, https://www.expodireto.cotrijal.com.br/ ], [ https://portalprodutor.cotrijal.com.br/ ], landing pages, and e-commerce [ https://www.super.cotrijal.com.br/ ].


Legal Bases The legal assumptions that are contained in the General Personal Data Protection Law (LGPD) which authorizes us to use Personal Data. These may be your agreement to the need to comply with a contract that we have with you, or to comply with a legal requirement, for example.
Cookies Also known as connection tracers, these are small files which we transfer to your browser or device (such as a cellphone or tablet) that allows us to recognize you, to know how and when our site is visited, as well how many people access the site. They can be useful for us to understand your preferences better and offer more efficient products, businesses, and experiences.
Personal Data Any information related to an individual person, directly or indirectly, identified or identifiable. Name, CPF (Taxpayers Registry Number), RG (Identity Card Number), address, telephone and cellphone number, and email address are examples of Personal Data
Person Responsible for the Use of Personal Data Person nominated by COTRIJAL to be responsible for guaranteeing attendance to your rights and clarify doubts about the use of your Personal Data.
The General Personal Data Protection Law (LGPD) Law No. 13.709 of August 14, 2018, which sets out the use of personal data, including digital media, for an individual being or for a legal entity under public or private law, with the objective of protecting fundamental rights of liberty and privacy and the free development of an individual being?s personality.
Holder An individual person, to whom the Personal Data refers to, such as former, present, or potential clients, employees, contractors, commercial partners and third-parties.
Use Any operation carried out with Personal Data, such as: collection, production, receipt, classification, use, access, reproduction, transmission, distribution, processing, filing, storage, disposal, evaluation or control of information, modification, communication, transfer, dissemination, or extraction.


This Policy refers to the use of two types of Personal Data: (a) that supplied by the Holder (you) themselves; and (b) that collected automatically.

33.1. Data Supplied Directly by You

https://www.cotrijal.com.br/ Newsletter: If you register to receive our news, your name, email address, and cellphone number will be collected.
https://www.cotrijal.com.br/ https://portalprodutor.cotrijal.com.br/ Producer?s Portal: registration and password.
https://www.cotrijal.com.br/ Contact Form: name, email, telephone, and message data.
https://www.cotrijal.com.br/ The Personal Data you supply will also serve to allow you to access and use the Website and read our content; respond to requests and orders; comply with your rights; receive your suggestions or comments, and; conduct the management of your account and the site?s activities in which you have opted to participate.
http://www.expodireto.cotrijal.com.br Contact: Name, email, telephone, state, city, and message data.
http://www.expodireto.cotrijal.com.br Images, photo galleries
https://www.super.cotrijal.com.br/ Talk to Us: Name, email, CPF number, telephone, and message data. These will be used to recognize you and comply with our obligation to respond to such things as queries, suggestions, etc.
https://www.super.cotrijal.com.br/ Registration: Email; complete name for an individual, CPF, Password.
https://www.super.cotrijal.com.br/ Purchases: Payment such as credit card data. At this time, we store the number of your payment card temporarily until the moment that the payment gateway confirms the transaction, after this confirmation, your card data will not be stored any longer in our database, unless you opt to save your payment data in this online store.
Address and contact, we also collect and store the user?s address and telephone contact number, such data is necessary to carry out the delivery and contact the user to make exchanges, returns and resolve queries, among others.
We also use your location with your agreement to realize the delivery and improve the experience and navigation of this online store.
Date of birth and gender, we also collect and store the date of birth and gender for possible fraud prevention.

3.2. Personal Data Collected Automatically

On accessing our site we may automatically collect navigation data, such as cookies, and device IDs, including IP, date and time of access, geographical location - even if only approximate, type of browser, duration of visit and pages visited, as well as data on the access device, such as model, manufacturer, operating system, unique identifier, telephone operator, screen resolution, browser type and connection speed.

This data is collected in order to:

  • a. Optimize the navigation experience;
  • b. Recognize you when you return to our Website;
  • c. Monitor the security of the systems and network;
  • d. Comply with the legal obligations for maintaining registers;
  • e. Prevent fraud;
  • f. Develop, maintain and improve the resources and functionality of the site;
  • g. Observe navigation habits to customize the services;
  • h. Maintain analytical and statistical data on the interaction with content;
  • i. For business development and marketing purposes, informing you about products and services that may be of interest to you, if you had agreed or if in our legitimate interest.

This information is captured by means of automated technology, such as cookies (browser cookies, flash cookies and similar) and web beacons, and also by tracking third-parties. You may configure your mobile device or computer to manage the use of cookies or to alert you when they are active.

After authorizing the use of cookies, you can always, if you wish, deactivate part or all of our cookies. You may configure the cookies on the ?options? or ?preferences? menus of your browser. Note that deactivating the cookies may impede some of the website?s services from functioning correctly, affecting your experience on the website partially or totally.


As bases legais da LGPD que utilizamos são:

  • a. Legitimate interest: when we conclude that there is significant interest to use your Personal Data for developing our activities, whereby this use generates some type of benefit for you or if you had already interacted with us at another time.
  • b. Permission: when you expressly authorize, freely and spontaneously, that your data can be used for a specific purpose and you are clearly informed at the time of collecting permission; it is worth remembering that it is possible to withdraw permission whenever you wish.
  • c. Compliance with legal obligation: when we use your data because the law obliges us to.
  • d. Contract execution: when we maintain some sort of contract with you.


We may share your Personal Data with:

  • a. Our dealers, concessionaires, associates and collaborators;
  • b. Social networks;
  • c. Partner companies and suppliers, in the development of our activities, product marketing and service providing;
  • d. Companies responsible for the development of Webmail and ?Work With Us? platforms;
  • e. Marketing and publicity companies, to select and produce advertising relevant to your profile, as authorized;
  • f. Third-party companies for developing internal processes and site maintenance;
  • g. Public and governmental authorities for compliance with legal orders or requirements from administrative authorities with legal competence to make such requirements.

We require that other companies, contractors, and service providers act in conformity with the General Personal Data Protection Law (LGPD) and use the data exclusively for the purposes that were contracted and will be careful, with the confidentiality of this data in particular.

We also commit not to share your data beyond what is strictly necessary, in such a case we demand the same care and security offered in our own environment.


We store your Personal Data until the purpose (as stated in item ?3? above) for which the data was collected, is achieved. Furthermore, we may keep it to comply with legal or regulatory requirements during the statutory limitation period of contractual or legal responsibilities.


We adopt technical and administrative means in order to protect the Personal Data from non-authorized access or destructive situations, loss, alteration, communication or distribution of such data

We adopt good information security practices transformed in to rigid operational standards, in accordance with legal provisions and a culture of precautions, by constant investment in implementing and updating technological resources.

7.1 Your Responsibilities in Relation to the Security of Your Data

It is entirely the User?s responsibility to keep the login and password details for access to the site?s restricted areas, such as the ?Producer?s Portal?. Therefore, to help with your security, we recommend that you do not reveal your access password to third-parties, and not to use passwords that are easy to guess, such as birthdays, family names, or low complexity numerical sequences and, whenever possible, use complex passwords, with uppercase and lowercase characters, letters, symbols and numbers.

COTRIJAL is not responsible for the poor use of your registration and password, you are responsible for secrecy and confidentiality of user access. Also, COTRIJAL will not be responsible for illegal interceptions or violation of your systems or databases by non-authorized persons, nor shall it be liable for misuse of the information obtained by these means.


Although our operations take place in Brazil, the Personal Data we collect may be transferred, to serve the purposes set forth in this Policy, as some of our suppliers and partners may be located outside of Brazil.

An example of this is our online shop that has its servers located with Amazon Web Services - Brazil and the USA, guaranteeing greater data security.


We treat your Personal Data with transparency and, therefore, you may contact us to exercise your rights whenever you wish:

Confirmation and Access
You may check how Cotrijal handles your Personal Data and, if required, request a copy of the Personal Data we have about you.
You may to request a correction of your incomplete, inaccurate, or outdated Personal Data.
Anonymization, blocking or deletion
You may to ask us to: (a) anonymize your data, so that it cannot be related to you and is, therefore, no longer Personal Data; (b) block your Data, which will temporarily suspend your ability to use it; and (c) delete your Data, in which case we will delete all of your Data without the possibility of reversal, except for cases allowed in law.
You have the right to request the portability of your Personal Data to another service or product supplier upon your express request, observing commercial and industrial secrets, in accordance with the future regulations of the Brazilian Data Protection Authority (ANPD).
Information about sharing
You have the right to know the public and private entities with whom Cotrijal shares data, as we have provided in this Policy.
Information about the possibility of not consenting
You will have clear and complete information about the possibility and the consequences of withholding consent.
Revocation of consent
You have the right to withdraw your consent in relation to data use based on this Legal Basis.
The law authorizes the use of Personal Data even without your consent or contract with us. In this event, it is necessary to demonstrate that there are legitimate motives for using your Data, such as, for example, to prevent fraud or improve our communications with you. If you do not agree with this use, you may oppose it, requesting its interruption.

We will endeavor to fulfill your request within a reasonable time (and in any period or event required by law). Please note that these rights are not always applicable and there are certain exceptions to them. We do, however, need to confirm your identity before acting on certain requests.

If you have any complaints about how we use your personal information, we prefer that you contact us first. However, you may make a complaint to the Brazilian Data Protection Authority when it is operating.


If you have any other doubts regarding our advice, data protection and how we use your personal data, you may contact our Privacy team at any time via email at lgpd@cotrijal.com.br.

COTRIJAL name Rodrigo Perin Raber as Personal Data/Data Protection Officer (DPO), and he may be contacted by email at lgpd@cotrijal.com.br.

If you prefer to contact us by letter or other physical means, you may send correspondence to the address contained in item 1 of this Policy.


Our site may contain links to other websites which have their own privacy and confidentiality policies, for example social networks or ?Work With Us?. If you visit other sites, we recommend that you carefully read the confidentiality practices and policies that they contain, as this Privacy Policy does not cover third-party practices and policies, including those which can reveal and/or share information with COTRIJAL.


This Policy may be revised periodically, and you will be informed if there are any significant alterations. Please carefully read any warning of this nature.

Any controversy arising from the terms shown in this External Privacy Policy, will be resolved in accordance with the General Personal Data Protection Law, but not limited to it, in accordance with Brazilian legislation.

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