Opportunities and family succession are discussed in the Young Cooperative Forum

Opportunities and family succession are discussed in the Young Cooperative Forum
Public watch the lectures in the central auditorium of Expodireto
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The Young Cooperative Forum reunited hundreds of producers in the central auditorium of the Expodireto on this Friday (15th). In the place, there were lectures focusing the family succession and digital opportunities. A high point was the heterogeneity of the public who participated of the event, constituted by children, teenagers, young adults and also families.

The rural producer Graciela Marisa Tieze, from Ernestina, took her children, Washington Alan, 14 years old, and Aniely Alana, 9 years old, to the forum. The family is an associate member of the cooperative for 20 years. “It is worth it to be part of Cotrijal, I would not change it for anything. We are always well attended. Wellington have been participating of the forum for four years. Aniely has come for the first time”, said Graciela.

“My brother did not want to bring me, he said I was too young. But now I can participate. The good of the cooperative is that we meet everybody and we have these events”, says the girl Aniely with joy.

In the meanwhile, Wellington was anxious for the presentation of the youtuber Diogo Elzinga, who approached the topic “Digital opportunities: how a young person from the countryside of Rio Grande do Sul has built a career in the internet”. “I want to study Agronomy and every year I find some very interesting lectures here in the forum. Last year, there was Marcos Piangers and it was fun”, commented the boy.

Elzinga did not disappoint his public. In a very spontaneous way, he talked about his family and professional history and passed on many lessons to the young cooperative public. “The big mistake the young people commit today is waiting for a valorization. It is not this way that things work, the opportunities are created”, suggested Elzinga.

The youtuber also highlighted that everyone needs to establish goals, since without objectives you do not get anywhere.

How to handle people

In the same line was the lecturer of the professor of the University of Passo Fundo (UPF), Benami Bacaltchuk, who suggested to the young people to write down all that they observe and, after that, question what was done. The presentation of the professor had as central topic ‘The innovation in productive processes and family succession’, through which he explained that the big challenge is not, necessarily, the use of the most advanced technology. Bacaltchuk emphasized that the succession is not heritage, alerting about the difficulty that the producers have in the handling of people, being necessary to look for ways to connect the innovations brought by the young people to the experience of the parents who manage the property.

That is what the producer Leandro Souza, from Não-Me-Toque has made, honored by the Model of Rural Succession Prize, who had the support of his parents to take over the business in the property. “Having the support, knowing the pros and cons, the result will be better at the end. If the father wants the son to continue his work, he slowly has to give space and pass on his own experience. I think that the biggest proud of the Family is to see the children continuing the work of the family”, reflects Souza.

The award was watched by the parents of Leandro, João Ilair e Neusa de Souza, the sister Laércia, the wife Maurícia and the son. “I caught him one day and said, ‘listen, my son, will you assume the farm or not" If you are not interested, I will sell the machinery and lease the land’. He assumed, he liked it and he is going well. We are happy and satisfied”, commemorated João Souza.

THE FORUM – The Young Cooperative Forum is promoted by Cotrijal and the Group Diário da Manhã and in this year counted with the support of Sescoop and UPF.

Source: Press Office of Expodireto Cotrijal.

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